Open My Eyes

Message: John 17 is a powerful prayer  That Jesus prayed when he had completed everything he was supposed to do on the earth and was headed for the final act of obedience on the cross. Whether the disciples knew it or not, he had equipped them with EVERYTHING they needed after his death. They were lost and confused in the moment but it would all come together once Jesus died and resurrected, and more importantly after they would receive the Holy Spirit. I am getting ahead of things right now, but that is because I’m looking at the disciples in their state of confusion while seeing Jesus speak these powerful words. They didn’t feel ready and they sure didn’t look ready, but Jesus prepared them and equipped them. It was time for their eyes to be opened to understand all of the ground work that had been laid. I relate to this because there are so many things in life that I feel like I’m waiting on God to do, but he has already done it. He has already spoken it, and he has already prepared me for it. I just need my spiritual eyes to be opened so I can see what he has already done around me. Jesus prayed for him and he prayed for us for that very reason.

Command: I need to stop looking for God to take action and instead ask God to open my spiritual eyes to see what he has done and what he has prepared me for. Even when I don’t look or feel ready!

Promise: When God does things, he does them with precision and extreme detail.

Warning: If I am looking at things with my natural eyes I will miss the groundwork that has already been laid out. I will feel lost and unsure.

Application: As I read this I was thankful that Jesus prayed for them and for us. He did all of the work and he just needs our spiritual eyes to be opened to see it so we can get on board. This reminds me that I need to step back from the circumstances I am dwelling on and ask God to open my eyes and reveal his plan.

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