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A little over a year ago I began an online Bible reading group on social media with the goal of helping people build a consistent daily habit of reading. The small group that followed this plan read through the Bible in a year. This year I decided to slow it down a bit so we can absorb more of what we read using a daily plan that I tailored just for us. After talking with several people that followed the plan last year, I also finally made the move to put this group on my website and not just on social media since there are so many people who want to subscribe, but are trying to limit social media. Instead of writing a synopsis of the reading (like I did last year) I implemented the devotional format that my church uses, so you will see prompts with a few short answers and some application. These prompts help us dig out some gold out of each reading and apply it to our daily lives in a practical way. I will share mine each day but I hope you will share yours in the comment section as well. Although the scripture means what it means, we all hear something different as God speaks to us through his word. What you hear matters and will absolutely help someone else. If you’re new to the group just jump in right where we are! We are not on a strict timeline. The goal is to read every day so there’s no need to try to catch up. If you miss a day here and there just pick up where we are so that the reading becomes fruitful in your life and not a burden of guilt. Don’t forget to subscribe by email so you will receive the reading to your email box every morning.
Let’s dig in!!

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