Support the Vision

Message: In Exodus 35 the people of Israel began the huge project of building a sanctuary for the Lord. It started out with everyone contributing offerings of the needed supplies and then the skilled workers for each thing used those supplies to craft the detailed work with precision according to God’s instructions. To me this was a beautiful picture of the body of Christ working together to build the things that God has prescribed. Moses carried the vision. Not HIS vision but the very specific details that God gave to him to carry out. He cast the vision to the people and the people came with their offerings and their abilities. All of the things that were donated were common items that belonged to the people, but then they were offered to God and skillfully crafted, it became a holy place sanctified and set apart.

Command: My offerings and my skills have a purpose for the kingdom of God. Not for the vision of man, but for God’s vision cast through the leaders God has put in my life.

Promise: God will bless what I contribute and sanctify it.

Warning: If I am building my own thing it will not be blessed and sanctified.

Application: This reminds me that I need to evaluate the things I am devoting my time to. When I am responding to the vision God put in place my resources and skills will be used efficiently. If I am off doing my own thing it will not be blessed by God and I might find myself spinning my wheels to accomplish something God never asked me to do. There may be some areas that I just need to support the vision that God has already put into place with skilled workers. I don’t need to create a new thing on my own. I need to support the vision God already put into place.

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