Cooperate With the Plan

Message: In John 18 there was a lot of scripture fulfillment happening that looked otherwise to those living it. Judas betrayed Jesus according to plan and led the soldiers to where they were meeting. Even though the soldiers were thrown back by the power when Jesus simply said the words “I AM he” they were not deterred from their plans to destroy him because this was also God’s plan. There were so many other things fulfilled in this but when Peter cut off the slave’s ear it was both relatable and ridiculous. I related to the feeling he had that he needed to defend Jesus. He was all in but he cut off an ear??? I couldn’t help but laugh at the insignificance of the damage and yet Jesus healed it right then and there because this was not the plan. It felt like complete opposition to the disciples and Jesus was just going along with it all fulfilling both the past scriptures and the plan he was there to fulfill. I think we all view opposition as an attack from the enemy. It most certainly is, but we don’t consider that sometimes these attacks are part of the plan of God to USE the enemy to fulfill something else. If I am not careful I might be fighting against the plan of God in my small efforts to try to defend him.

Command: Listen to the voice of God. Not every opposition is unrighteous. It very well may be the plan of God and I need to cooperate with God.

Promise: If God allows opposition and I cooperate, there is a bigger victory ahead.

Warning: If I am caught up in the opposition I may miss what God is doing and find myself fighting against something better that God has.

Application: I have been thinking about this a lot lately because I see a pattern of thinking where we assume anything unpleasant that interrupts our plans, and even the plans we believe were ordained by God, we get upset and blame the devil. We fight against it and our impact is futile. We chop off an ear and God has to clean up behind us to keep the plan on track. Opposition is hard but it works character in us, but more importantly, it makes way for bigger plans that God has in mind. Things we don’t see or understand. I think we see with 20/20 after the fact when we start piecing the clues together. Lord Jesus, help me to view things with your lens. Open my eyes to the things I might be fighting against that you planned for my good. Help me Lord to cooperate with your will.

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