What Gives You the Right

  1. Message: In Luke 20 the leading priests were questioning the authority of Jesus. They were convicted by the things he said, but they didn’t want to change, so instead they tried to discredit the authority of Jesus.
  2. Command: Allow truth to illuminate. Don’t lose the value by projecting!
  3. Promise: Truth will work for our good, even if the person speaking it isn’t.
  4. Warning: We will miss out on wisdom if we discredit the truth-teller.
  5. Application: Yikes! I see the yuck in my self with this one! I see this very same tendency at work in me when I’m offended by what is being said but I  know it’s true, or when I just don’t like who it is coming from. Truth is truth no matter who speaks it, and questioning whether someone has the right to speak truth to us does not negate the truth!

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