Wake Up From Sleep!

  1. Message: In Luke 21 Jesus predicts the destruction of the temple. When his disciples asked what kind of signs there would be he begins to describe the events of the end times. I hear people constantly talking about the end times as if it’s an event that wouldn’t begin until we were near the coming of Jesus. Every time bad things go on in the world people say “we’re in the end times”. When I read this I believe the end times began as soon as Jesus died on the cross. The earth has been in a state of decline since sin entered the world, but Jesus spoke about the end times specifically as he prepared for his death on the cross. They are described like labor- beginning slowly but progressively getting worse as time goes on. What surprises me is that the people that seem to talk obsessively about “the end times” seem to be the people who know about God, but live on their own terms. It seems like they see themselves as permanently “in”, and that their job is to point out the evil in the world.
  2. Command: Know the signs.
  3. Promise: God will give us what we need to not only survive the end times, but help other people thrive.
  4. Warning: Don’t get caught sleeping or going through the motions!
  5. Application: As I read about the end times I thought about all of the signs Jesus described and how everyone assumes these things will all happen at the “END”. I think many of these things have already been in progress for a long time so instead of wondering if we’re in or near the end times, I feel an urgency as I look around me. Many of the people I’m connected to on social media have a completely closed heart towards the idea of God. When I began my adventure of writing a blog, it was out of a desire to see people know who God really is without all of the built-in perceptions and reservations that people have developed out of their painful life experiences. I don’t know how to reach them all, but I pray that I could reach some, and help them discover who God is through their own journey of reading the word. The challenge for my own life is that I would be careful of getting stuck in a pattern of “going through the motions” as the world deteriorates. Just because I know I’m “in” does not mean I have the luxury of going to sleep and waiting it out until judgment day. Now more than ever it’s time to be passionate and filled with purpose. Not just for my own sake, but for the sake of millions of people who are lost, or stuck going through the motions.

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