The Number One Deadly Heart Disease: Religiousness

  1. Message:  The religious were being publicly rebuked and exposed as Jesus spoke to the people and told them that the religious only appeared to be clean on the surface as they made a show of themselves acting righteous while demanding the people to follow after a level of righteousness that they themselves were not inwardly keeping.
  2. Command: Follow the message that the religious teach, but don’t follow what they do. Care about our inward condition more than our outward appearance and don’t elevate our status or allow anyone else to because we were all intended to be equals.
  3. Promise: Those who humble themselves will be exalted
  4. Warning: Those who exalt themselves will be humbled
  5. Application:  We have the potential to turn literally any good thing into a show if we aren’t doing it for the right reasons. Sure, our good works can still produce some good things but if our motives are wrong we will become bitter, ugly people as we do good things. We might help someone but we probably won’t reach them at a heart level. We can even continue on this awesome reading plan and learn a ton of things but still act like a self-righteous jerk to people around us if it doesn’t change us on the inside. I have thought about that often and my personal application to all of this is to do the things that are called “righteous”, but in every one of those things I need to submit my heart before God and ask him to help me do them for his honor and not for the opportunity to look good or gain favor with anyone else. Any time those kinds of feelings rise up in anything I do I ask God to help me. A while back I really comprehended the scriptures in 1 Peter and in James that tells us that God resists the proud and gives grace to the humble. I really need God and his favor on my life so I don’t ever want to position myself in a way that would make God resist me. Even if I gained the favor and honor of people, it just wouldn’t be worth that kind of trade.

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