I Pity the Fool

  1. Message: Proverbs 26 gives several scenarios for how and how not to interact with a fool.
  2. Command: Don’t be a fool, trust a fool, argue with a fool, honor a fool or expect wisdom to come from a fool.
  3. Application: Today I eliminated the “promise” and the “warning” steps simply because this entire Proverb is all about how to and how not to interact with a fool. Of course, as we read this we all assume the fool is someone else other than ourselves. Hopefully this is so, but I think it’s fair to say we have all played the fool at one point or another. When we’re not the fool, chances are we’re interacting with someone who is having a foolish moment, or unfortunately, a foolish season of life. One of the mistakes I saw very clearly while reading this was the issue of arguing with someone who is acting a fool. In my mind I always think that if I just try to explain myself I can convince someone where I’m coming from but it doesn’t work that way. You simply can’t reason with someone who is being unreasonable so arguing is pointless. In the process of arguing I have definitely looked like the fool and probably became one also. My application today is to first of all, try no to be the fool! Second of all it’s to recognize those moments where I need to hold my peace.

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