The Foolishness of Wisdom

In 1 Corinthians 1 Paul addresses some divisions within the church because he was hearing reports about rivalry between them over whom they were following. Some would say they were with Apollos, and some would say Cephas, or some would say “I’m with Christ.” Paul challenges this by asking “Is Christ divided?” He reminds them that this is one gospel and not about the leaders or the people who preach the gospel or baptize people into the church. Paul restores the emphasis that the gospel is not supposed to change. It should be spoken the same by all because it was given by Christ Jesus who is not divided and does not change. From here he reminds us that the gospel looks foolish to those who believe they are wise, but it’s God’s power to those of us who are saved. Everything we believe and do in life hangs from the gospel of Christ and if we are not all in, we miss the point completely and the things that we do just become religious activity. Paul requotes from the law and old prophetic scripture that says “I will destroy the wisdom of the wise, and I will set aside the understanding of the experts” This continues to be true today, as most people try to pick apart the gospel with worldly views and humanistic opinions of our current culture. Even Christians who have bought into the culture pull back from parts of the gospel calling it “outdated” or “old fashioned”. It’s unpopular and completely rejected by those who believe their human wisdom is superior, but to those of us who are Jesus followers, the gospel is the full truth and it is what guides our entire lives.

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