Hidden Treasure

In 1 Corinthians 2, Paul is explaining the difference between those who have spiritual eyes to see and those who do not. What I really pulled from this is that the gospel is like a hidden treasure that has to be desired to be seen. The Jews had (and still have) all kinds of prophesy pointing directly to the Messiah but because their focus was natural and not spiritual, they were unable to see all of the pointed signs and God allowed them to embrace their spiritual blindness in order to pursue the Gentiles and bring salvation to the rest of the world. We are living in a culture of spiritual blindness, but our culture believes themselves to be the most enlightened and “woke” generation because they pride themselves on a humanistic level to be the source and the way. They mock, defy and they shame anyone who does not agree or accept their views as intolerable and wrong. Unfortunately, Christians who are not following the gospel completely are hung up in some sort of category of their own that doesn’t fit the gospel, and it doesn’t gel with the humanistic thought of the world either. If Christians actually followed the gospel in it’s purity, the fact that every single human being was created in the image of God would drive everything we say and do toward the love of God in reconciling people to Him instead of telling them why they are not accepted by Him. If we as Christians put away worldly ideas and rejected the culture that wants so much to influence us, we would see God’s actual truth with spiritual eyes and allow His love to reconcile hearts to a Father who loves them and is waiting for their arrival. This is the beautiful hidden treasure of the gospel, and if we are looking with natural eyes we will miss it!

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