Temporary Residence

Message:  In Genesis 47 the Jacob (AKA Israel) moved to Egypt to be protected from the famine. They were given the best of the land because they were the relatives of Joseph. As the famine progressed, the people of Egypt became more and more dependent upon Pharaoh until they had sold all of their livestock, their land, and finally themselves. From that point on they were given seed to sow, and 1/5 of it was to be given back to Pharaoh, and the other 4/5 was for them to live on. The Egyptians were grateful for this arrangement because it saved their lives. This looks and sounds familiar right? As we depend completely upon God he owns everything we have. We sow the seed he provides into our lives, and as we harvest we return 10% to him and live on the 90%. The tribe of Israel lived in Egypt as foreigners. They followed this arrangement too, but eventually became enslaved laborers because their multiplication was considered a threat to Egypt. God knew all of this would happen and he prophesied this to Abraham before Isaac was even born. The same is true of us living here on earth. We are foreigners living on this earth because Heaven is our real home. Just like God led the tribes of Israel out of the enslavement and captivity of Egypt, he is leading us out of the enslavement and captivity of this world.

Command: God has given us favor here on earth, but we are to remember that this earth is only our temporary home, so we can’t be too attached to the life and the things we have here. We can’t allow ourselves to be enslaved by it, or dependent upon it. God wants us to be dependent on Him, just like he wanted this for Israel.

Promise: God wants us to depend on Him, and when we do, he will never leave us in need. He is perfect and he wants what is best for us.

Warning: If we put our trust in the government and the systems of this world, we will live under the rule of fallible mankind.

Application: This reminds me that my trust does not belong in the hands of mankind. Even the best human being is fallible and the worst is corrupt. God will undoubtedly lead me through some difficult things, but his ways are perfect, and his purpose for me is for my good and for his glory to grow me, mature me and make me like Him.

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