Honor Authority

Message: Jesus was God in the flesh and as he grew, his wisdom and authority became more prominent. When he was 12 and his parents lost him in Jerusalem and questioned him why he had “treated” them like this, Jesus responded with wisdom, and his parents didn’t understand at all. Even so, Jesus went back with them to Nazareth and was obedient to them.

Command: Our wisdom and knowledge will never supersede the authority we have been placed under.

Promise: If we honor authority, God will be able to promote us.

Warning: If we don’t honor authority, we can’t be trusted to be in authority.

Application: Jesus set a huge example here. He was God in the flesh and even at age 12 he had surpassed his parents in wisdom, knowledge and understanding. In spite of that, he submitted to their authority and obeyed them. This reminds me of the importance of this kind of honor when I am in job positions, or even leadership positions that it doesn’t matter what my level of wisdom and understanding is. I am to honor the authority that I have been placed under.

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