Message:  In 1 Samuel 20 David was aware that Saul had intentions to kill him. David’s best friend was Saul’s son Jonathan and they swore a covenant with each other to protect each other. They had a bond unlike any other and the bible says that Jonathan loved David more than he loved himself. This sounds odd but this description is not a romantic kind of love. It was a loyal kind like brothers. Both men had a lot at stake. David’s life was in the balance but so was Jonathan’s because of his loyalty to David. In fact, Jonathan’s entire life would be easier without this covenant. Not just for the obvious reasons that he would no longer be in danger, but also because if he played the part right, as Saul’s son he could potentially be the next king. Jonathan’s loyalty was not only unselfish, it was detrimental to him because that’s what real love looks like. It’s self-sacrificing for the good of others. Jonathan wasn’t just sacrificing himself because he was co-dependent or timid. He was a strong warrior but he knew that the man he was protecting was honorable and he had to know that David carried the favor and promise of God on his life. When he met David he was a successful warrior. He gave up his weapon and armor and gave it to David. I thought about how this translates to my own life. Often times we aren’t looking out for the better of someone else because we’re too busy trying to build our own selves. What if we spent our energy supporting and building the vision that God has promised someone else instead of promoting ourselves? I wonder what would happen if we took the position of Jonathan and protected the honor of someone else. Not for their glory, but because we recognize the mark and the calling of God on them.

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