The Kingdom of God Means Prepare, Invest & Help

  1. Message: Reading the two parables about the kingdom of heaven, and then the judgment day scenario in Matthew 25 I realized that I have always heard them discussed separately with individual meanings. While this is true, I also realized the importance of looking at all three meanings together as one and relating them to our character. The kingdom of God is us and all of these character traits are what we should be doing so that we will result on his right hand at judgment day. The first one with the ten virgins was about being prepared for the future in advance and not waiting until it’s too late to prepare. The next one is about the three servants who were given different amounts of money to invest while the master was away. Two of them invested at different capacities but one refused to invest at all. He buried it and then blamed the master for it. Then there is the judgment day scenario where he is separating the lambs from the sheep as he asks whether they fed, clothed and visited those in need. All of these character traits go together. Believers are supposed to be lenders and not borrowers. We’re supposed to be the ones helping and supporting but we can’t do that if we aren’t organized and prepared in advance. If we are the ones always in need because we weren’t investing and we weren’t preparing in advance for things that will come ahead. Obviously this is a spiritual preparation but it’s also a physical preparation. If we aren’t good stewards of our time, our finances and our abilities we can’t fulfill the things he is requiring of us. God has equipped us with what we need if we will physically, spiritually and emotionally. There is no excuse for laziness according to these passages.
  2. Command: Be prepared, invest and then help others
  3. Promise: God will recognize his sheep for these characteristics.
  4. Warning: Laziness, procrastination and self-preservation will not be rewarded or recognized as sheep in his kingdom
  5. Application: As I read all of this together I see that God has given us the tools to succeed. Not just for our enjoyment in life, but because he expects us to use our skill and success to help others and teach them his ways. If I am not doing these things I won’t be able to succeed and I sure won’t be able to help anyone else succeed. I can apply this to so many areas of my life where I keep asking God for help but I have yet to apply these principles that he has already equipped me with. I have business ideas and creative plans that can be used to inspire and make money if I would just discipline myself to plan it all out. My health is another investment that I need to take seriously. Today I feel convicted to sit and map out some short-term and long term goals so that I can start doing something and ask God to direct and bless it.

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