Wisdom & Understanding

  1. Message:  I’ve readProverbs 4 over and over since we go through the book each month. Today I found it to be the most refreshing thing I read. Verse 6 says “Don’t abandon wisdom and she will watch over you. Love her and she will guard you.” The end of verse 7 says “and whatever else you get, get understanding.” As we go through more growing pains and hard lessons in our country everyone is on social media just blasting each other and demanding a certain standard and agreement. I have been so saddened to see people that I have seen in relationship just attack each other over differing views. It’s truly as heartbreaking as the deaths and losses. We are fighting a civil war of words and it seems nobody is winning. While I have plenty of opinions of my own and it’s tempting to jump into internet arguments I hear this word in Proverbs calling me back to wisdom. Back in Romans Paul said he had determined not to know anything else but Christ crucified. I don’t believe Paul was calling for ignorance but as believers we have got to step back and see the bigger picture at stake. We need to be diligent learners and less eager to set someone else straight. None of us as it all together and we all have something to bring. If we would ask God for wisdom in our encounters and strive to gain understanding before inserting our opinions we would actually provoke each other to be better. If we truly care about social justice we have to accomplish this by caring about the relationships around us and stop trying to persuade strangers or acquaintances on the internet. When we value each other even in our disagreements and strive to understand instead of dismissing and disqualifying people we will gain the trust to influence people, and we will be in a much better position to do that.

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