Wisdom Speaks Quietly

  1. Message: Proverbs 1 introduces us to a monologue style script of wisdom personified. Back in the days that I used to bounce around parts of the bible to read I didn’t quite understand that it was wisdom speaking here and some of these passages sounded so harsh and judgmental. Things like “I will laugh at you and mock you in your calamity”. This is not the heart of God, it is the consequence of our rebellion. I can think of all of the times that I had this tiny little though “I should…” and for whatever reason I didn’t act on that small voice and as soon as the consequence came I felt like the situation itself was mocking me for not listening. This is what I believe this is about.
  2. Command: Listen to wisdom. Don’t ignore her voice!!
  3. Promise: Listening to wisdom will increase learning. It also brings peace even in hardship because you aren’t anticipating a consequence.
  4. Warning: This chapter is FULL of warnings! The main warning is that once wisdom is ignored, it’s too late to avoid the consequence and you won’t be rescued from it. The situation itself will make you look like a fool.
  5. Application: My challenge to myself here is to pay attention to those small little warning thoughts. The “I should and I shouldn’ts”. Don’t brush them off no matter how small they seem.

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