Wisdom Speaks

Message:  In Proverbs 8 Solomon wrote about wisdom as a personified being crying out to the people to listen to her. The value of wisdom is compared to other things we seek for ourselves, like silver and gold, except that the value of wisdom is higher than all those things. I thought about all of the things we pursue in life because we desire the value, but how often do we underrate the value and importance of wisdom. It’s not a coincidence that Solomon wrote so much about wisdom. When he was anointed as king over Israel God gave him the choice for anything he wanted. Solomon chose wisdom and because of that God gave him greater wisdom than anyone who had ever lived, but he also gave him the wealth and status that he didn’t ask for. This is what he is talking about as he uses wisdom as a personified being calling out to us. What stuck out to me was the comparison of gold and other precious jewels. I thought about the gold rush that sent men from all over to dig through the dirt seeking this precious metal. All these years later and gold mining still captures people with gold fever. It’s not an easy process and it’s often dangerous. What if we sought out wisdom the way miners search for gold? Digging through the dirt and carefully sifting it and washing it clean until the valuable metal rises to the surface. Anyone can search for gold in the dirt, but few do. You have to know where and how to look for it and the effort it takes often deters people… Just like wisdom.

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