What Do I Have In My Hand?


In Acts 28 this morning I couldn’t help but notice that when Paul and the shipwrecked crew of men landed in the unknown little island of Malta, the people immediately showed them extraordinary kindness. They warmed them by a fire and took them in from the rain and the cold, but they were definitely paying attention to details because obviously they didn’t know anything about these people that had landed on their island in all of that misfortune. A viper snake attached itself to Paul’s wrist and was hanging by his hand. Paul shook it off into the fire, but because the people saw the snake latch onto Paul they speculated that maybe he was a bad person. Maybe even a murderer! This seems like a crazy speculation to jump to based on circumstance but when they noticed that the snake didn’t harm Paul after watching him several hours they jumped to the complete opposite extreme and assumed he was a god. Obviously neither were true, but it ended up opening up some ministry opportunity. The father of the leading man of the island was sick in bed with a fever and an intestinal disease. Paul laid hands on him and healed him, and this led to other healing ministry on the island over a period of 3 months. When it came time for Paul and the crew to leave, the islanders provided a boat and provisions for them and they were well equipped to leave. They had helped each other during their time on the island and trust was built so this entire crew that had lost their whole boat was now departing with a new boat and all of the provisions they needed to travel. That is astounding! As I read this all I could think of are the families surrounding me right now that are going through things. I have been hearing of all kinds of things going on in the lives of people round me. At least 2 different cancer diagnosis this week, COVID sicknesses and other medical scares, job needs and family crisis. We are all going through things and people around us are going through things, so this is where we need to pull together in unity and support each other. What practical things do we have to help someone else with their crisis, and what spiritual resources do we have that others need. When we all reach out to each other everyone is cared for and needs are met both physically and spiritually. Nobody should be left alone in their storm and when we are all reaching out to someone else even in our own time of need we are able to meet each other’s needs and everyone is helped and encouraged according to what they need. I love that Paul and this shipwrecked crew met the needs of the people on the island and in return they left that island with every provision they could have possibly needed including a full boat!! That is so incredibly powerful!! Today I am left with the challenge. What do I have in my hand right at this moment that will help someone else get through their crisis today? Lord please reveal to me the needs that someone else has that I can fulfill today and make their load lighter. This is what brings unity and healing to the body of Christ and this is what the world should see us doing for each other that will finally capture their attention as to who God is!

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