Message: In Hebrews 3 the author reminds us of both the greatness and the obedience of Moses. Then he steps up to another level to show that as great as Moses was at laying the foundation, Jesus is even greater than Moses. He walked in obedience to rule the house of God to the point of death. This sets us up for verses 8-11 where he quotes the second half of  Psalm 95 to warn us not to harden our hearts to the voice of God like Israel did. He makes the point that all those who died in the wilderness had seen and heard the voice of God but continually chased after their own rebellion so they died in the wilderness in their rebellion, disobedience and unbelief. The sad reminder I picked up on was these were not lost people who hadn’t heard. These were people who heard, saw and understood the greatness of God. It seems like they took for granted that every time they wandered off God would do something to bring them back. They were stuck in a cycle of rebellion and they never got to a point where they took responsibility for themselves. I’ve seen this behavior in young adults who still act like teenagers. They do stupid things, get in to trouble and wait for their parents to bail them out but they never learn to stay on track. God will not be an enabler to our destruction. He is patient and gracious and he won’t give up on us but if we continue to wander off further and further we will gradually become more hardened to the voice of God and are in danger of dying in our rebellion. We are not safe because of what we know. There are billions who will tell you that they “know” God but are not walking in obedience. Salvation is in our surrender and obedience.

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