Message: The people of Babylon came together in unity for a rebellious cause. Their united desire was to make a name for themselves and build a tower up to the sky. Their reason was “otherwise we will be scattered over the face of the whole earth.” The main point I got out of this was the fact that when God initially created the earth and mankind, he made them in his image and they were made to live in unity. That unity was intended to be a God-centered unity. But when sin entered the world it destroyed everything. Including their purpose and their unity in that purpose. With their purpose distorted, their unity became distorted. God recognized that the power of the unity that had been designed for good now had the power for destruction. His creation was self-destructing.

Command: Be careful in what I align myself with. There is power within unity by God’s design, but unity used with a distorted purpose is destructive.

Promise: Although the purpose of unity has been hijacked for destruction, this does not negate the intended power for godliness. When I am united with God and for the plan and purpose of God that power becomes exponent.

Warning: If I am not evaluating myself regularly I can easily find myself deceived in my alignment. Even (and especially) with the impression that what I am doing is right.

Application: This is a huge reminder to me that my own perceptions of situations can be really dangerous so I really need to pay attention and pray-even when I am sure I am right. What I align with matters.  I could very easily align myself in unity with things contrary to the plans of God. An example I can think of is when Peter tried to disagree with the plans of God by aligning with what he thought was right. It didn’t seem right to him that Jesus should be crucified, so his opposition to his plan and purpose felt more than right. But it couldn’t have been more wrong and Jesus rebuked Satan for working behind it.

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