They Had Some Splaining To Do!

  1. Message: In Genesis Joseph finally reveals his true identity to his brothers it was a very emotional time and Joseph tells them that he is not angry, and that this was God protecting them and their families from starving. The only problem now, is that is brothers had told their father that he was eaten by an animal and they had gone to great lengths to cover their story. Now they had some splainin to do!
  2. Command: Tell the truth!
  3. Promise: God takes our tragedies and turns them into miracles.
  4. Warning: Don’t let the shame of your past mistakes ruin the possibility of a bigger miracle.
  5. Application: This story grabbed my attention from the perspective of the brothers. They had to be relieved that he was alive, but they had to be feeling both dread and excitement over telling their father! They had some explaining to do! I can see this in my own life because at times I discover an error in my work that is tied to something more important.

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