The Bereans

Message:  In Acts 17 Paul and the gang continued their ministry by starting in the synagogues and reasoning with the Jews. He wrestled with scripture and showed them why Jesus was the promised Messiah, but this only stirred up the Jews further and they seemed to follow them into every city to cause trouble. Something changed when they went to Berea. When Paul went into the synagogues in Berea the Bereans were open to the gospel and they searched out the scriptures to see if what Paul was telling them was true. This is such a remarkable example to us all because we are human, and we have the capacity to be deceived. It’s so important that we take everything we hear and search the scriptures. Not the art of finding a single scripture that validates our already formed opinion, but the discipline of searching the word of God and praying for the Holy Spirit to lead us into truth.

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