Spiritual Entitlement

Message: The things that Satan tested Jesus with in Matthew 4 were a complete manipulation of what  already belonged to Jesus.  He spoke like a negotiator with Jesus making offers like an imposter claiming authority that he didn’t have. He also manipulated by trying to provoke Jesus into using his legitimate power and authority  in an illegitimate way to benefit himself. While Jesus had every right to do any of the things Satan was proposing, it would have derailed the plan of redemption completely. 

Command: Don’t be tempted to use or demand our God given rights or the promises of God to promote or fulfill ourselves, when we should be using those gifts to benefit others. Jesus used all of his power and authority for the good of others, and the father exalted him. Not once did Jesus ever use his power or authority for his own gain or comfort.

Promise: The bible is full of all kinds of promises and those promises come along with commands of obedience and responsibility. Our obedience (not our demands) are what release those promises and legitimize our God given authority. God himself recognizes the obedience in his time and in his way and he rewards us and promotes us for our obedience.

Warning: When we demand or use the authority God has given us to benefit ourselves, promote ourselves, or make ourselves more comfortable, we abuse it’s purpose. Authority and rewards are not for us to demand or take, but for God to give as our reward for our obedience.

Application: Lord Jesus, please show me the areas of my heart where I have tried to manipulate or demand my own way. When I have even prayed manipulative prayers with selfish motives disguised as obedience or purity. Help  me to leverage what you have given me for the benefit of others and allow you to bless my obedience.

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