Spiritual Battles

  1. Message:  In 2 Corinthians 10 Paul seemed to be making the equivalent of a parent threat “don’t make me come in there!”. He talked about how bold and harsh his letters were, but when he was in person he tended to be a lot less eloquent in speech. So much so that people have accused him of being bold in the letters, but weak in person. I know some other people who are very bold in writing, but weak in person. The timing of this is interesting because we are in the middle of a crisis and everyone is doing a lot of talking and most of it is in the form of writing. Paul was not shy about his intent to challenge people who thought he was behaving in an unspiritual way. He was reminding them the even though we live in the body, we don’t wage war on in an unspiritual way because our weapons are not “carnal” or worldly but powerful through God to tear down strongholds. In this analogy I see how we are trying to fight a spiritual battle with words and violent behavior. It’s no coincidence that the next verse talks about demolishing arguments and every high-minded idea that comes against the knowledge of Christ. Taking every thought captive to obey Christ. I have heard and read this passage so many times. I usually think of it as my life thought life. This is completely true, but our thought life is what feeds the things we say and controls what we do.
  2. Command: Stop trying to win a spiritual battle with verbal thoughts and ideas.
  3. Promise:  God will speak to us and through us if we ask him.
  4. Warning: It’s tempting and foolish to spew out an argument to shut someone else down instead of seeking to understand.
  5. Application: This passage is encouraging us to stop operating in our own ideas and ask God what he wants to do. To stop arguing with people in order to fight a spiritual battle. Right now people are posting and commenting their own ideas and thoughts as if it were gospel truth, and attacking those who won’t align. This is not the way to fight a battle. My challenge to myself and anyone else who wants to receive it, is to pray before engaging in any conversation at this time. Don’t be so quit to share our own ideas as “truth”. Instead of pretending we have the answers  we need to be seeking God before we answer anything.

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