Message:  In Philippians 3 Paul was warning the church of Philippi to watch out for “dogs”, evil workers and those who mutilated flesh. This was all descriptive of the Jews who were still trying to persuade the church that their salvation through Jesus Christ was not enough. That they needed to follow the law also. In case they were impressed with the status of these men Paul showed them that his status was even higher but it did nothing for him in regards to salvation. He was born into the right family with education, associations and training. He had followed the law and was set up for a bright, successful future but none of that mattered. He had an encounter with Jesus and it had changed everything. He was no longer relying on the law and his flesh to make him worthy because it had already been done through Jesus. In our culture we don’t get hung up with things like circumcision, but we have plenty of our own religious things. Things that we believe make us better than others, and that we believe deep down makes us religious and therefore accepted. Christians get stuck in that rat race often but we also do it to ourselves. Paul warned them again that many were enemies of the cross and that their righteousness acquired by following the law was based upon their obedience to dietary restrictions so it was actually idolatry. Paul reminded them that he gave up his status and right standing for something even better. This challenges me to examine the religious things I do or don’t do in an attempt to appear more spiritual.

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