Pre-Game Plans For the Win!

  1. Message: Reading through Luke 4 I noticed that everywhere Jesus went people were trying to figure out who he was and whether he was legit or not. He was not recognized as the Messiah by most people even though they had past scripture pointing in his direction. On the contrary, the demons recognized him at literally every encounter. They knew exactly who he was and Jesus had to silence them to keep them from blowing his cover prematurely. I also noticed that when Jesus was being tempted in the wilderness the devil knew exactly how to tempt him. He chose the things that appeared missing or weak at each particular moment because he knew man’s tendency to choose poorly during vulnerable moments. Jesus knew who he was before the temptation, so the decision was already firm during the vulnerable time of his temptation.
  2. Command: Know who we are and what lines are non-negotiable before temptation hits. Don’t wait to decide in the moment.
  3. Promise: God will not allow us to be overtaken without providing a way out.
  4. Warning: We need to know our God better than our enemies, and we need to be aware that our enemies have studied us and learned our weaknesses.
  5. Application: Reading through this made me realize how much of God we overlook in our daily lives, and it was more disturbing to realize just how aware of God the devil is. If we aren’t paying attention we’ll be caught off guard. I recognize in my own life that when I make a from decision to do something, I am unmovable and I will not waiver. When I have only half-heartedly committed to an idea or plan, I will cave under temptation because I have already entertained the idea. I’m currently trying to get my exercise and diet under control. I have allowed a few excuses to hang out, and although they are somewhat reasonable excuses, I have already caved on both my diet and exercise plans at different times because I entertained the excuses and allowed my feelings in the moment to choose for me what I should do.

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