Patterns & Cycles

  1. Message: As I was reading about Jacob’s interaction with his Uncle Laban I started to see a continued pattern of trickery going on. Previously Jacob manipulated and tricked his way into stealing Esau’s blessing and then he runs away to escape the problem and finds another one. Laban tricks and manipulates Jacob into marrying the wrong daughter and then doubles the work time for him to marry the other one. After Jacob marries both sisters the favor went to only one of them and she started having babies while the other sat in envy. Once again, to solve a fertility problem Rachel tells Jacob to sleep with her servant to try to fulfill her desire for a baby. Sound familiar? This is exactly what Jacob’s grandparents did when Sarah was unable to conceive. The madness continued until finally the cycle was broken when Rachel finally conceived.
  2. Command: Have we learned nothing yet? God’s promises are not to be manipulated! It will only bring on more jealousy and heartache!
  3. Promise: God will bless in his timing when we surrender our plans and choose his.
  4. Warning: Our manipulations causes heartache and prolonged waiting!
  5. Application: As I read this I really saw theissue of personal and family patterns that cause destruction. We tend to repeat what we grew up in even when we don’t realize it. Running away from the problem only makes it worse. The only answer is to surrender our plans and trust that what God has for us is far more wonderful than we could ever concoct out of our own doing. We talked about this last week when we saw Jacob do it, but since we are talking about patterns and cycles, I thought it was worth repeating!

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