Only God Knows

Message:  In Corinthians 4 Paul was talking about the expectations that managers be found faithful. He acknowledged that he himself could not be justified by the evaluation of man because he (and we) are all judged by the Lord. What is hidden in secret will be revealed by God both good and bad. We may think we know someone in a positive or a negative way but only God knows the real truth. Paul reminded them (and us) the importance that we not rely on our own impressions of people because we will be wrong. I do believe we should believe the best in people until they show us otherwise but even then, God knows the motives of the heart and the surrounding circumstances. Only God can judge the motive. This was a big reminder to me because I struggle with the impressions I make when I meet people sometimes. Some people are just not relatable to me, but this does not make them any less trust worthy. People that I sometimes find a bit superficial are being used by God and are relating to others in ways that I can’t. I have to be careful that my desire to relate does not give me an arrogance to judge who someone else is.

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