Monsters Inside Me

Today’s reading made me think of the show “Monsters Inside Me”. If you haven’t seen it before it’s about people who discovered they had a parasite. Many of them didn’t know for quite some time because on the outside everything looked well, but on the inside was trouble that was eventually discovered and brought on lots of damage.

  1. Message: We either produce good fruit or bad fruit and will be held accountable for every idle word.
  2. Command: Manage the contents of my heart because that determines the words that come out of my mouth.
  3. Promise: A tree that produces good fruit will be known and recognized for good fruit.
  4. Warning: We will have to give account for every word, and our own words will either acquit us or condemn us.
  5. Application:  Reading this passage scares me every time. We might be able to cover up our inner attitude in some company or for periods of time but if we have junk going on in our hearts it will at some point come out of our mouths. I know I have moments that I spew out all kinds of junk. That junk only comes out because it was already in my heart and even if I’m able to hide it from people I can’t hide it from God and I will be held accountable for it. There have been times I was shocked by some of the terrible thoughts that pop up and some of them have even come out during prayer. The application here for me is to pay attention to the thoughts rolling around in my mind before I have an opportunity to spew it out of my mouth. I need to let God work out those offensive thoughts and attitudes so they don’t take root and become rotten inside of me.

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