Missing the Point

We’ve all heard the term “rules were meant to be broken”. It sounds rebellious but when we get to the heart of things we find that rules were meant to protect and help people. When they get distorted and placed above people, they lose their value and they become an object of abuse to people rather than a source of protection.

1. Message: For every rule created there is a back story behind it. Behind the back story lies a misinterpretation and often an exaggeration.

2. Command: Honor God with our hearts by looking to the heart of his commands and how they affect the people they were written for.

3. Promise: Obedience from the heart leads to understanding the purpose of the law.

4. Warning: Every plant not planted by Heavenly father will be uprooted.

5. Application: As I read this I became aware of some rules that were made to care for people, but we have gotten the intent backwards and placed more value in the rules than the people they were created to serve. This leads to mistreating people for the sake of obeying the rule. My challenge today is that I would find the rules I have obsessed about and pay attention to the intent of the rules. Mainly, what the rules were intended to accomplish for people and not just a desire to check off an empty box.

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