Maximize the Opportunity

Message/Application:  Jesus predicted the destruction of the physical temple which also seemed to foreshadow and parallel the spiritual destruction of a religious system before his prophesied return. He warned of all kinds of physical and spiritual decline in the world in the ‘end times’ and even warned of a spiritual and physical persecution that would happen to his people, but right in the middle of all of those warnings he said something very important. He told them that these would be opportunities to witness. This is something that the New Testament church absolutely took to heart. They were being beaten, martyred and thrown in prison but they weren’t angry about the persecution because they saw it as a confirmation and a privilege to be “found worthy” to be persecuted against and they maximized the opportunity to make Christ known.  As Christians we have to get out of the mindset of the American culture surrounding us that tells us we need to protect our “rights”. Jesus left his rights and laid his life down and as we follow him we are required to do the same. When people see a different response out of us they will be open to hear the gospel. As long as we miss consume ourselves with our ‘rights’ we will completely miss these opportunities. If we suffer injustices in the mindset of the original disciples of Christ we will watch the church thrive and grow in spite of our suffering.

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