Lay It Out There


Today as I read through Acts 26 I could see that Paul was appealing his case to King Agrippa, who was an expert in the Jewish law. Once again Paul was not appealing his case for the sake of himself so much as he was trying to win over the heart and understanding of King Agrippa to be able to see the gospel for what it was. He shared his personal story of growing up Jewish and how deeply he himself had opposed the church that was being called “The Way” until Jesus got ahold of his heart. King Agrippa seemed to be right along with Paul until Paul tried to boldly lay it out there for him and bluntly ask the King if he was ready to accept the gospel. He didn’t seem to have a real reason to reject the gospel and appeared to very uncomfortable being put on the spot so bluntly. In his frustration he yelled to Paul that his “all of his study had made him mad.” He got up after that and he acknowledged that nothing Paul had done was deserving of death or chains, and that he really could be released but Paul had already appealed to Caesar and needed to see that through. King Agrippa left that opportunity without accepting the bold offer of Paul to receive Jesus, but what I really took out of this is the importance that Paul laid it out there. Sometimes we are so careful in our presentation of the gospel that we get skittish and beat around the bush instead. We’re afraid to just lay it all out there. We have no idea what went down in the heart of King Agrippa later on down the line but Paul was able to rest with ease that he presented the gospel with all he had and he laid out the opportunity. This I all God has asked of any of us. We are not the Holy Spirit so we are not responsible for how people respond. We are responsible for laying it out on the line. Today this reading challenges me to stop being so careful and strategic and just lay it out there. People in the world need Jesus and even if they don’t respond today, they need to be given the opportunity.

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