Know God and Make Him Known

Message:  In this chapter Jesus was resurrected and appeared before men before giving the great commission and ascending to heaven. It occurred to me that Jesus probably didn’t come back looking the same in physical appearance. Those closest to him didn’t even recognize him until  he spoke or acted. This is huge because it showed their level of intimacy to recognize him for who he was and not what he looked like.

Command: To know God and make him known. The great commission: Go into the world and make disciples. Signs will follow those who believe.

Promise: Signs will follow those that believe.

Warning: We will misrepresent God if we don’t truly know him ourselves.

Application: We are all called to fulfill the great commission. It is our purpose to know God and make him known. We can’t do this unless we, ourselves know God. I’m always fascinated to see the ways Jesus showed up undetected by those closest to him until they recognized his voice or his actions. They knew him and they knew him well so when he tasked the first disciples with the Great Commission they spoke with boldness and carried the heart of the father through what they learned from Jesus. This should provoke all of us to want to know Jesus like this so that we recognize him even when he doesn’t show up in the way we are used to seeing him. When we really know God we automatically make him known through our authenticity.

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