Higher Ground

Message:  In 1 Samuel 26 Saul came after David once again even after he repented the last time and promise he wouldn’t. I doubt this surprised David at all because he had been living through this cycle over and over again. When Saul camped with his 3000 “choice men” David and his men found that once again God had given them an opportunity to take out Saul. They were all asleep in a circle with Saul in the middle but God had caused a deep sleep to come over them so David and a few of his men were able to walk over to Saul and stand right over him as he slept. David’s servant wanted so badly to take him out in just one move but once again David stood form in his conviction that he would not be the one to take out Saul. This included his men acting on his behalf. David still respected the fact that God placed Saul and he believed that when it was time God would strike him down or he would die in battle. David took his spear and his water jug and hiked to a vantage point before calling out to them. The description of this vantage point suggests that David was standing on higher ground where he could see into the camp. It seems to ironic to be coincidental that David was standing on higher ground as he called out to them to show that once again, he had taken the higher ground and spared Saul’s life once again. Every time David did this he was showing Saul that thee fear, insecurity and the suspicion that he had towards David was wrong. Saul acknowledged this each time but he had always reverted back. I think it was important that Saul saw this and acknowledged it, but I think it was even more important that Saul’s men witnessed this as well. David was to become their king and they were going to devote their loyalty to him so this was such an important way to build trust. My take away from this is that it’s never a waste to take the higher ground. It doesn’t necessarily change our circumstances or the people around us just like not much changed with Saul. He was emotionally driven and even though he repeatedly acknowledged his error and the honor of David, he continuously repeated the same irrational behavior over and over again. Some people break the cycle eventually and taking the higher ground may have an influence on that, but most importantly the higher ground tests our own character and it shows ourselves and other people who we are. David was the most loyal and loved king. This didn’t happen by accident. David established himself before he had the authority so when he took the authority he walked in the honorable character he had intentionally developed.

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