Hardness of Heart

Message: In Mark16 after Jesus resurrected he appeared to Mary Magdalene. When she told the disciples they didn’t believe her. He appeared in a “different form” to two of them walking on the road, and when they told the others they didn’t believe it. I find it fascinating that the Jews, who didn’t even believe he was the Messiah, had heard what he said about his and believed so strongly that they took precautions in the hopes of covering up his resurrection. His own disciples, whom he spent so much time with didn’t believe it, even though Jesus had gone into so much detail warning them. This actually blows my mind a lot! When Jesus finally revealed himself to his  disciples they still didn’t believe him and it says that that he rebuked their unbelief and the hardness of their hearts before he gave them the great commission and ascended.    

Command:  The hardness of my heart is what causes unbelief. If hardness of heart comes from pride. I need to destroy the pride in my life that causes the unbelief.

Promise: Jesus has told us a lot of things that we don’t understand, but our unbelief does not cause them to cease to be true.

Warning:  Pride causes a hardness of heart and an unbelief.

 Application:   Lord Jesus, please reveal the pride in my heart that hardens my heart. I don’t want to miss the things that you promised! Help me to see what you have spoken and give me eyes to see and a heart to believe that even if I don’t understand it, and illuminate my spiritual eyes to understand          

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