Glass of Ordinary

Message: When Jesus performed his first miracle it was not in his plan at all. In fact he clearly told his mother it wasn’t his time yet but to honor her he did. He told the servants to fill the water container full of water. Not just any contained but it was the container they used for ceremonially washing their hands. It was a jar set apart for that purpose, but what he poured in it was ordinary water. There was nothing special about that water until it was poured out into the glasses. That’s where the miracle happened and not until then.

Command: I need to pour my life out in my most ordinary, authentic and real form.

Promise: The miracle happens when I pour my ordinary self into another vessel and watch it change!

Warning: If I leave my ordinary self sitting in the vessel it never has the opportunity to transform into anything. It remains ordinary just sitting and waiting to be offered. If I wait for something miraculous to happen before I am willing to pour myself out into that vessel I (and they) will miss the miracle that happens only from the outpouring of my ordinary self.

Application: This reminds me that I am not here to impress anyone and the miracle doesn’t happen until I pour myself into someone else. When Jesus filled that vessel of ordinary water it became something extraordinary- but not until they poured it out. It had to have looked ridiculous looking at that container that they KNEW was just full of ordinary water and the amazement they most have experienced when it was poured out as fresh wine. People need my ordinary self so I can’t be consumed with trying to create that miracle in myself first. It won’t happen because the miracle is in my obedience.

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