Fraudulent Blessings

  1. Message: It seems I’m stuckin Genesis lately but I can’t help but follow this interesting storyline. If you remember back to where Jacob received the stolen blessing, his father said that he would be his brother’s master. When he blessed Esau he also told Esau that he would serve his brother… UNTIL the day he would decide to break the yoke. After he went on his own rebellion to marry the women his father didn’t want him to marry we don’t hear anything further about him. We don’t know what went down with Esau or whether he ever decided he wanted to be free from the bondage. It seems like there is an injustice going on because God honors all of the blessings promised over Jacob and he prospers even under a crooked master. Now suddenly Jacob is anticipating seeing his brother and several times refers to Esau as “my master” and to himself as “his servant”. He is wealthy from all of the blessings he stole but can’t enjoy any peace from it. He separates his household into separate camps in fear of a possible attack and sends gifts ahead hoping to win over his brother. This is when he ends up in a camp alone and he wrestles with “a man” in an unusual encounter which is later described as him being face to face with God. Jacob demands a blessing and refuses to let go until he gets it. I find this interesting because he has already been blessed right? He received so much blessing that I don’t know what else he could possibly ask for, but he was a fraud and he knew it. The “man” responds by asking Jacob his name. Not because his fraud wasn’t already known, but to me this looks like a critical moment of honesty and acknowledgment. Kind of like an addict who finally lets go of denial and acknowledges the truth about what he is doing. This seems important because although he was receiving the blessings he stole, he couldn’t really thrive because he was carrying guilt and fear from the dishonesty. He must have felt like an imposter in spite of the blessings. After this the “man” changes his name from Jacob (which means “the deceiver”) to “Israel”.  Then he blesses him in his own name.
  2. Application: Since I went on with so much detail on message portion I’m going to skip to the application. My personal application of this is to ask myself the hard questions. The ones that question my motives and force me to be honest with myself so that I can be healed!

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