1. Message: Servant was forgiven of his large debt but demanded someone else to be punished until he could pay back his small amount.
  2. Command:
  3. Promise: God forgave us for everything. We could say this was a pretty large debt.
  4. Warning: If we don’t forgive other people God will not forgive our sin debt.
  5. Application: This passage trips me up every time because I know that to forgive someone I have to let go of my “right” to be offended and angry. In the moment I don’t want to because I see my hurt and anger as justified. There is no question that the offense happened, and God is not asking me to deny that there was an offense. He is reminding me that when he released my debt that I needed to follow his example. This is not to be confused with healthy boundaries. Forgiveness does not mean we have to allow ourselves to be abused mistreated, or vulnerable. It means we don’t hope for or plan for their destruction.

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