Follow After Wisdom


This morning my focus rested on Proverbs 2. Wisdom is speaking and she says that if I would lean into her wisdom and let her words direct my heart closely to understanding I’ll be able to reach for it when needed and it will be found like hidden treasure. This is such a refreshing thought because it’s so much better to know you have that treasure already found and discovered at your fingertips than to find yourself in a position to need to find it when you are in a pickle. This morning I need the wisdom that God has provided to take one step. I’m currently in recovery from COVID and my breathing is extremely stressed and I’m on oxygen at home. Wisdom tells me to lay aside absolutely every other concern and worry and allow God to direct my every move today no matter how limited that movement is. Wisdom today means for me that I will lay in the postural positions I have been directed by doctors to follow so that my body can process and saturate the levels I need for my brain and heart to function properly. For me this is the simplicity of wisdom that I need to follow today. It doesn’t match the capacity of what I am used to living in a day and I need to accept where I am at so that God can heal me right where I am moment by moment and hour by hour today. Today this is wisdom that I will follow close to my heart and trust God to do the rest.

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