Faithfulness With & Without an Audience

  1. Message: Jesus covers a lot of things in Luke 12, but in verse 35 he starts talking about the importance of being ready and ‘dressed for service”. Making sure we have what we need, being mentally ready and aware, and being productive and busy even when the boss is not looking. This passage talks about how important it is to not only have our things ready, but be actively working wit or without the “boss” looking over our shoulders. We need to be trusted to do the things God has commanded us to do and he will trust us to do even more.
  2. Command: Be diligent about doing the things God commanded of us
  3. Promise: God will reward those who finds doing his work
  4. Warning: It’s easy to slack off and get lazy when the boss is not around.
  5. Application: This applies to both our physical and spiritual life. We should be working at our jobs-no matter what it is with our best work. The same when it comes to spiritual matters. Reading the word and being obedient regardless of our audience or circumstance. We should treat every day like it might be the day that the Lord comes.

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