Double Standard

Message:  Romans 3 is a truth smack right to the face! Paul calls us all out for our judgement of others and he exposes the fact that we judge people for doing the very same things we are doing. Our minds are so deceptive that we take in all of God’s patience, kindness and grace that was intended to lead us to repentance and we use it to continue in and then further justify our sin. Not only do we withhold grace from others, but we feel entitled to receive God’s grace for ourselves. Because of this verse 6 says that we store up wrath for ourselves. It has always amazed me just how blind we are to seeing this in ourselves, and just how blatantly we see it in others. This further proves the state we are in. Today this chapter reminds me of the importance of self-evaluation. We were intened to judge ourselves now before the time comes that we will be judged by God. When we are aware of our own issues and we are working them out, we lose the ability and the desire to focus on others. We simply don’t have the time or the effort to focus on anyone else.

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