Do You Want to Be Well?

  1. Message: Jesus visits an area known to be where a bunch of sick people lay on mats. He asks one man who has been sick for 38 years of he wants to be well. The man tells him that “he can’t” and gives an excuse. Jesus tells him to pick up his mat and he does. He is healed and walking around. A few days later Jesus finds him in the temple and tells him to stop sinning so nothing worse will happen to him.
  2. Command: Stop sinning against myself to cause physical, mental and spiritual illness.
  3. Promise: God is a healing God.
  4. Warning: If I don’t really want to be healed I could potentially stay in an unwell condition for life.
  5. Application: As I read this I wonder how many of us consider ourselves “sick”. I love that this passage doesn’t tell us what his specific sickness was or we might dwell on that. All that we know is that he had it for 38 years, and he blamed others for not helping him, or because others had a better opportunity than he did. He seemed to have accepted that this was his life. I noticed a difference between the others that Jesus healed because the others yelled for Jesus and begged for him to heal them, but this guy had Jesus approach him and ask him if he wanted to be healed. Why did he say that he couldn’t? Did he know who Jesus was? Then after he was healed Jesus found him in the temple and told him to stop sinning so something worse wouldn’t happen to him. This is also interesting because he doesn’t tell us what sin (again we would probably dwell on that). It seems he wanted us to understand that his sin contributed to or caused his illness. He didn’t want to choose healing, but Jesus gave it to him anyway, and once he had received it Jesus had to warn him that his continued sin was going to cause something worse. We don’t hear about whether or not he listened to Jesus. My challenge to myself is to take notice of things in my life that I suffer from, but don’t pursue wellness, and what am I doing to contribute to this condition. This could be physical, mental or spiritual health, or maybe even all of them combined.

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