Creative Order

Message: The overall message  I pulled from Genesis 1 is that God created everything with thought, creativity and organization. He divided the darkness and the light. He separated the water, the land, and the air. He created the sun to rule the day and the moon to rule the night and he created the stars as indicators that give us the ability to measure and manage time. He created animals “by their kind” but he created man in his own “likeness”. This scripture fascinated me the most because I couldn’t help but notice the difference between the animals of the own kind was such a distinct difference from us being made in his likeness. This alone causes me to think about the attributes of God that he shared with us. His creativity is the very first thing we learn about him in Genesis, but also his order.

Command: The overall command I pull from here is for order. When God spoke creation into existence he not only did it with order and intention, but he also created an order for us to follow because we were made in his image, and order is part of who he is.

Promise: The promise I pulled from this is that what God speaks into existence comes to pass. We can count on it. Everything that he called into existence in Genesis he called “good”.

Warning: The warning I pulled from this is simply the chaos that ensues when we don’t follow God’s order.

Application:  For me the order is a big one. There are areas of my life that are disciplined, but I have a strong pull toward the chaos of procrastination. When I waste time I can’t get it back and it adds more chaos and stress to my life. There are plenty of hardships that I can’t avoid, but I can be responsible for the way I manage my time so that I will be in a better position to take on the unexpected things that show up.

Lord Jesus, please show me the areas of my life that are out of order and help me make up an intentional plan to bring order to the areas that are lacking discipline. Help me to honor you by living a life with order, and help me to represent you well knowing I am made in your image.

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  1. Brittany Gould says:

    Each thing created is provision for the next. What jumped out at me tonight while reading was thinking about how the earth was empty and dark. I think about how quiet it was or how still the waters were. It feels quiet and empty when we are stuck in a dark place. But then the sound of Gods voice comes. Is it a quiet whisper or a voice that booms with power? LET THERE BE LIGHT. Thank you Jesus for always speaking life and light into the darkest of places.
    And in Matthew I love that God told Joseph before anyone else that Jesus was coming to save us from our sins. Joseph knew first! And not only did He know first but Joseph had the faith to believe him and walk out his obedience to God.

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