1. Message: Reading Exodus 4 was very familiar until I realized that when it was time for Moses to go to Egypt he actually took his wife and son with him and God used his son to show him the severity of it all. First he told Moses to tell Pharaoh that Israel is God’s firstborn son. Then on the way to Egypt God stopped Moses and his family and confronted him with a threat to kill his son. His wife sprung to action by circumcising her son with a flint rock to save his life. She wasn’t pleased about it but she seemed to understand that this is what God required. These two things were very symbolic ways of showing Moses how serious he was about saving his firstborn son, Israel, and how important was for his firstborn son to be circumcised to represent the covenant he was making with God.
  2. Command: Circumcise my own heart and teach other people to circumcise theirs.
  3. Promise: People will respond to and respect what they see modeled for them. My story is more powerful when it has been experienced.
  4. Warning: I’ll be tempted to skip the hard stuff and go back to what is comfortable.
  5. Application: Reading about the symbolic lessons that Moses learned on the way to Egypt made me realize that God wanted him to understand that his commitment to Israel was like Moses’ commitment to his own son. I’m sure the reality of seeing this illustrated with his own son was powerful and unforgettable. Moses would need this understanding to push him through the difficulty he was about to face with Pharaoh. He was also going to show Pharaoh a similar illustrative lesson with his first born son. What I see in my own life is some of the hard standards God has held me to in order to help me communicate the importance to someone else. If I haven’t experienced the pain of spiritual circumcision in my life how can I possibly communicate it to someone else?

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