Choose What is Beneficial, Not What is Permissible

  1. Message:  In 1 Corinthians 10 Paul was talking to the church of Corinth about some of the stories we just finished reading in Numbers. The children of Israel followed God by a cloud and he fulfilled their needs when they drank water from the rock. Even though they followed like this 23,000 were struck down because of their unfaithfulness. Paul was warning the church not to partake in sexual immorality because we can’t drink from the rock of Jesus and also the cup of satan at the same time.
  2. Command:  Obey out of maturity, not because there are rules holding us in place.
  3. Promise: When we choose obedience out of maturity we deepen our relationship with God.
  4. Warning: “Everything is permissible but not everything is beneficial.”
  5. Application: Further along Paul acknowledged that everything is permissible but everything is not beneficial. This doesn’t mean that it’s ok to do what we want. It just means we no longer have the law to hold us accountable. We have a conscience that guides us to choose right for the benefit of ourselves and others instead of a fear of the consequences of the law. This is maturity just like giving up our rights. We choose well because we can’t drink from both cups and maintain a real relationship with God. It’s permissible for me to eat whatever junk food I want. There is no law against it, but my maturity advises me to make healthy choices because there are consequences to poor diet choices.

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