Candle Holder Organizers

Candleholders For Art SuppliesI’m a wee bit obsessed with candles and candle holders and have found that my trips to the thrift store have more than accommodated my desire for one more candle holder. The trouble is running out of places to put them which is precisely what happened with this one. It sat in storage until I realized that it would serve as a great way to put those little bitty supplies at hands reach like safety pins, buttons, straight pins, push pins and countless other little items that we have to search for when we need them. Now it sits prominently on my craft desk and I will honestly tell you that I not only use these items often, but I have been able to direct my husband and kids to the exact location of a needed item without difficulty because it is sitting in plain sight. I will let you know when I find a similar solution to those items “hidden” from hubby in the refrigerator, but that is another post entirely!

20150930_075052     20150930_075321 20151019_123630

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