Blind Complacency

Message: Jesus was calling out the three cities where he had performed the most miracles, because in spite of all of the miraculous things they witnessed, they had not changed anything. They were the same people, unchanged and still not convinced. Jesus compared them to the most well known cities that were destroyed for their evil and lack of repentance. He said that if even the most evil cities had seen the power that these three cities saw, even they would have repented and would still be standing today. Jesus left them no excuse for their refusal to change.
Command:  Focus on the greatness of God and allow the awe and wonder to change my heart. Repent and stay in awe of him.

Promise: When I focus on the greatness of God, my pride shrinks down to size and I can see the wisdom of God. When I see the wisdom of God I am changed by it.
Warning: Don’t allow the miraculous things of God become so common place that I lose my awe and wonder in  him. Don’t become so calloused to the goodness of God that I stop allowing it to change my heart.
Application: Lord please forgive me for my blinding pride and refusal change. I’m sorry for becoming complacent and comfortable in my stagnancy while throwing out more and more expectations that you show me more. You owe me nothing and yet you have given me everything. How can I look so unimpressed and yet still have the audacity to demand more of you? How can I become so bitter towards you as if you owe me something?

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