Blameless & Fruitful

Message: God came to Abraham and told him to “I am God Almighty. Live in my presence and be blameless”. Then he told him he would establish a covenant with him and “multiply” him greatly. Abraham’s response was humility. He was facedown as God spoke with him and told him he would be the father of many nations, that his name would change and that he would be so fruitful that nations and kings would be born from him. He gave him the land that he was living in and then explained that his side of the covenant was to circumcise himself and all of the men in his household whether born of him or slaves purchased by him throughout all of his generations. Abraham raised his questions and God answered, As soon as God left Abraham took immediate action and he had everyone in his household circumcised- beginning with himself and his son Ishmael.

Command: Live in the presence of God and be blameless. (Not sinless- but a life free of disobedience) God gave Abraham instructions to circumcise himself and the males of his household. Abraham did not hesitate to obey God. He did it immediately- that very day.

Promise: God will fulfill his promise to make me fruitful.

Warning: If I do not live blameless in his presence, I will not be fruitful.

Application: Living blameless and in his presence is to live a life of obedience and surrender with nothing kept back that God can’t touch. If I am doing this my life will flourish and be fruitful. If I refuse to be obedient in any area of my life, I can’t expect God to bless it. Lord Jesus, please show me any areas of my life where I have disobeyed or delayed my obedience for any reason. Help me to own the issues and walk in obedience to you without excuse and without delay. Thank you for making me fruitful.

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