Back to Basics

  1. Message:  Colossians is another short letter to the church of Colossae which started with a typical greeting from Paul and an acknowledgment of thankfulness for them. He told them he was praying for their growth and maturity and then got right into the point of his letter. He reminded them that God is the center of everything because he is the creator of all. This may seem like an unnecessary reminder but as I read further and saw that he was reinforcing the purity of the gospel message I realized why he was going back to basics. Most of us don’t struggle with knowing that God created all things. We accept it whole-heartedly, but when it comes to the issues of the heart we treat God like an old senile man that just doesn’t get it. Pride rises up and we start to question things. As society demands that we join ranks with the issues of the world we start to speculate all kinds of things without referring back to the one who knows all and is all. We lose sight of the purity of the gospel as we try to insert scripture to fit the narrative of our world. This is not new behavior for humanity. We have done this literally for ages. Paul’s reminder to the church of Colossae is also written to us so that we stay grounded in truth and stop being side-tracked on other things. This is not to say that God is not interested in social problems or even scientific problems. This is a firm reminder that we will never understand anything until we view it through the lens of the gospel.

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