Wisdom is Listening & Learning

Message:  With all of the unrest going on right now I really zoned in on 1 scripture in Proverbs 1 verse 5 “A wise man will listen and increase his learning and a discerning man will obtain guidance.”  This really stuck out to me as a word for today because right now we are all trying to make sense of a broken and hurting world. There is division at every level and everyone seems to be fighting for a narrative they have grasped onto. One that makes the most sense to each individual and their personal biases and belief systems. We’re not new to these problems. They just seem to exist in the background and flare up in waves. This time around our family has done some listening to people with completely different lives and viewpoints. We are changed by what we have learned and yet I’m feeling overwhelmed knowing there are so many factors involved that I couldn’t possibly unravel the many layers and depths to understand what we’re really dealing with. I’ve decided that the most important thing I can do today is leave my opinion out and do my best to listen before I make up my mind to understand anything, and allow the Holy Spirit to guide me and reveal what he wants me to see.

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